Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2009

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Table of Contents


A Study of Profitability Performance of Public Sector Banks in India  | 
M. Selvakumar, P. G. Kathiravan 3-13
Total views: 513
Role of Banks in the Commodity Market  | 
Jyoti 14-21
Total views: 281
Factors Hindering ICT Implementation in Indian Insurance Industry: An Empirical Study  | 
Fredrick S. Odoyo, Richard Nyangosi, H. P. Gupta 22-26
Total views: 278
Inflationary Pressure on the Automobile Industry  | 
R. Amuthan, A. Ramachandram 27-32
Total views: 263
Impact of Disinvestment on Financial Performance of Selected Public Sector Undertakings  | 
Sultan Singh, Monica Bansal, Sunita Sukhija 33-42
Total views: 328
Stochastic Volatility Model for Indian Security Indices: VaR Estimation and Backtesting  | 
Atanu Das, Pramatha Nath Basu, Tapan Kumar Ghosal 43-47
Total views: 325
Remittances Vis-A-Vis Foreign Direct Investment - A Case Study  | 
Saima Rizvi 48-53
Total views: 329