Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2009

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Table of Contents


The US Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis - Causes and Implications  | 
C. D. Balaji 3-9
Total views: 308
SENSEX- The Dancing Beauty of Indian Stock Market  | 
Krishna Reddy Chittedi 10-15
Total views: 372
Factors Influencing Audit Quality: With Evidence  | 
Abbas Ali Pouraghajan 16-24
Total views: 250
Analytical Study on Interim Reporting and its Impact on Share Market Price  | 
Yagnesh M. Dalvadi, Dharmesh P. Raykundaliya 25-31
Total views: 336
Sovereign Wealth Funds - An Overview and Indian Perspective  | 
Anand Bansal, J. S. Pasricha 32-36
Total views: 255
Bancassurance : Prospects, Strategies, Challenges and Mutual Benefits  | 
G. Sridharan, S. Allimuthu 37-42
Total views: 353
Indian Stock Market Reaction to the Quarterly Earnings Information  | 
Iqbal, T. Mallikarjunappa 43-50
Total views: 435
Participatory Notes and Stock Market Resurrection: An Appraisal  | 
R. K. Raul 51-57
Total views: 323