Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2009

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Table of Contents


Identifying Successful HF Strategies for Investing in Emerging Markets  | 
Mahesh D. V. 3-9
Total views: 273
Analyzing the Potential of E-Broking vis-à-vis Preferences of the Investors in Choosing a Brokerage Firm-A Study in Hyderabad  | 
G. Prageetha Raju 10-22
Total views: 178
Risk Perception Dynamics and Equity Share Investment Behaviour  | 
Ranjit Singh, Amalesh Bhowal 23-30
Total views: 234
Potential Risk Factors Influencing the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry - An Exploratory Study  | 
V. Y. John 31-36
Total views: 188
Pattern of Corporate Ownership in India – Effects of Liberalization  | 
Sajal Kumar Maiti 37-44
Total views: 236
Joint Production in Banking Industry  | 
Ann Shawing Yang 45-55
Total views: 173