Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 2, Issue 9, December 2008

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Table of Contents


An Empirical Study on Forex Risk Management Strategies  | 
Mihir Dash, Narendra Babu, Mahesh Kodagi, Vivekanand B. Y. 3-11
Total views: 296
Coorelation Based Clutering of Stocks Traded in NSE  | 
S. Sampath, R. Senthil Kumar 12-19
Total views: 263
The Association Between Market Liquidity at the Scrip Level and Accounting Variables: The Indian Evidence  | 
Som Sankar Sen, Santanu Kr. Ghosh 20-31
Total views: 208
Applicability of Sharpe's Single Index Model in Indian Security Model  | 
Sushil Kumar Mehta, M. S. Turan 32-38
Total views: 262