Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 2, Issue 8, November 2008

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Table of Contents


Stock Manipulation: The Case of the Taiwan Stock Exchange  | 
Yu Chuan Huang, Roger C. Y. Chen, Yao Jen Cheng 3-14
Total views: 267
Stock Price Dependency in Indian Capital Market: An Explanation at Aggregated and Disaggregated Levels  | 
Martin Patrick, Francy T. V. 15-23
Total views: 263
Financial Derivatives: Myths and Realities  | 
N. Ramanjaneyalu, A. P. Hosamani 24-31
Total views: 339
Implications of Value Added Tax on Hosiery Industry of Ludhiana  | 
Babita Kumar, Gagandeep Banga, Ketan Jain 32-37
Total views: 291
The Relationship between EVA, MVA and Dividend Paid - An Empirical Study  | 
N. R. V. Ramana Reddy, M. Rajesh 38-42
Total views: 290