Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 2, Issue 5, August 2008

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Table of Contents


Stochastic Dependence in Indian Capital Markets: A Fractal Analysis of the CNX Information Technology Index  | 
Robert F. Mulligan, Debasish Banerjee 3-15
Total views: 262
Futures Trading In Pulses, Benefits Whom?  | 
T. Anuradha, Annie Kavitha, Mahitha Davala 16-19
Total views: 323
Rupee v/s Dollar-"The Double Edged Sword"  | 
Garima Gupta 20-25
Total views: 226
The Relationship Between Non-Audit Service and Auditor Independence with Evidence  | 
Venkatesh, Abbas Pour Aghajan 26-32
Total views: 301
Financial Performance of New Private Banks with other Bank Groups in the Banking Industry  | 
A. Ramachandran, N. Kavitha 33-38
Total views: 339