Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 8, Issue 8, August 2014

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Table of Contents


Depreciation Bases of Equipments Used for Construction of Cross Country Pipelines: A Rational and Systematic Framework  | 
P. K. Jain, D. K. Choudhury, Sunita Jindal 7-26
Total views: 414
Capital-Market Liberalization is Certainly no Paragon of Virtues: A Theoretical Review  | 
Parag Chandra, Saptorshee Kanto Chakraborty 27-43
Total views: 422
A Brief Mapping of Theory and Evidence of Investors' Behavioural Biases  | 
Deepa Mangala, Mamta Sharma 44-56
Total views: 1232
Grading and Risk-Adjusted Performance of Indian IPOs  | 
Harendra Singh, C. G. Sastry 57-65
Total views: 419