Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 7, Issue 9, September 2013

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Table of Contents


Measurement of Loss Aversion Behavior Under Prospect Theory: Comparison of Various Kinds of Individuals  | 
Mu-Lan Wang, Hung-Hsi Huang, Shu-Hui Ho 5-15
Total views: 260
Disclosure, Foreign Institutional Investment, and Volatility: A Study in the Indian Context  | 
Titas Bhattacharjee, Suddhasanta De 16-26
Total views: 313
Exchange Rate Volatility and Export Growth: Post-Reform Experience of India  | 
Niyati Bhanja, Amaresh Samantaraya, Arif Billah Dar 27-35
Total views: 356
Prediction of Stock Option Prices Using Volatility (Garch (1, 1)) Adjusted Black Scholes Option Pricing Model  | 
G. Pradeep Kumar, S. Saravanan 36-44
Total views: 370
An Empirical Investigation of the Association Between Company Attributes and Disclosure Score of Indian Companies  | 
Narinder Kaur, R. S. Arora 44-54
Total views: 327