Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 6, Issue 10, October 2012

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Table of Contents


Stock Price Movement Through Technical Analysis: Empirical Evidence from the Information Technology Sector  | 
S. Vasantha, V. Dhanraj, R. Varadharajan 4-17
Total views: 745
Factors Affecting Capital Budgeting Decisions: A Structural Equation Modeling Study  | 
Divya Gupta, R. P. Mohanty 18-25
Total views: 7919
Motivations of Share Buybacks in India  | 
Karamjeet Kaur 26-31
Total views: 462
Financial Structure and Profitability of IFCI Ltd. : An Empirical Analysis  | 
Shishir Pandey 32-38
Total views: 586
Constraints Obstructing the Smooth Operation of the Capital Markets of Bangladesh and Probable Solutions to These Constraints: An Empirical Study Based on Investors’ Perception  | 
Protap Kumar Ghosh, Tarun Kanti Bose, Masum Shahriar 39-52
Total views: 400