Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2012

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Table of Contents


India’s Roadmap of Convergence to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)  | 
Ram Kesh Gupta, D. N. S. Kumar, Deepika Ravindrakumar Gupta 4-10
Total views: 1918
Arbitrage of Single Stocks Versus Futures in India: A Case Study  | 
Ronald T. Slivka, Jiawei Wu, Vikram Shah 11-18
Total views: 475
Does Low Price-Earnings Multiple Fetch Higher Scrip Returns in India?  | 
Ansuman Chatterjee, Prasant Kumar Sahoo 19-24
Total views: 419
Short Term Performance Persistence of Open Ended Equity Funds: Indian Evidence  | 
Y. Rama Krishna 25-31
Total views: 397
Management Model: A Framework for Evaluation of Alternative Mergers in the Wake of Down-Turn  | 
D. Maheswara Reddy, K. V. N. Prasad, C. R. Reddy 32-40
Total views: 643
Deposit, Lending and Recovery Performance of Pandyan Grama Bank, Tamil Nadu: An Analysis  | 
R. Suresh 41-48
Total views: 420
A Case of Comparative Study of Loan Performance in Selected Indian Private Banks: An Important Tool of Profitability  | 
P. S. Vohra, Preeti Sehgal 49-56
Total views: 780