Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 5, Issue 12, December 2011

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Table of Contents


Foreign Direct Investment in India and China: Some Lessons for India  | 
H. Ramakrishna 4-12
Total views: 249
Analysis of Performance of Disinvested Public Sector Enterprises Using DEA Approach  | 
G. Naresh, S. Thiyagarajan, S. Mahalakshmi 13-18
Total views: 266
Co-Operative Credit Delinquency: Identification of Factors Discriminating Defaulters  | 
Justin Nelson Michael 19-25
Total views: 270
Modeling Hong Kong Stock Market Volatility  | 
Anil K. Mittal, Niti Goyal 26-37
Total views: 252
The Growth and Impact of NABARD’s SHG-Bank Linkage Programme in India  | 
Pinky Dutta 38-43
Total views: 370
Empirical Analysis of the Borrowing Behavior of Indian Firms on the Backdrop of the Pecking Order Model  | 
Anindya Chakrabarty 44-55
Total views: 239