Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 5, Issue 11, November 2011

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Table of Contents


Asset Pricing Models in Indian Capital Markets  | 
Mihir Dash, Rishika N. 4-10
Total views: 314
Relative Financial Performance of Public Sector Banks  | 
K. V. N. Prasad, A. A. Chari 11-22
Total views: 249
Testing the Performance of Leading Banks in India - An Experimental Study  | 
C. Dharmaraj, C. Samuel Joseph, Esme Santhosh 23-33
Total views: 296
Investors’ Perception Towards Capital Market – An Empirical Study With Reference to Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu  | 
T. Palaneeswari, J. Kaleeswari 34-38
Total views: 362
Role of Subjective Norm in Investment Decision Making of Casual Investors  | 
Meenakshee Sharma, Sumeet Gupta 39-46
Total views: 334
Does Microfinance Empower Rural Women? – An Empirical Study In Vellore District, Tamil Nadu  | 
K. Rajendran, Dr. R. P. Raya 47-55
Total views: 371