Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 5, Issue 9, September 2011

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Table of Contents


Consistent Growth for Perpetual Sustenance: A Study of Select Banks  | 
Adinath Bhujaballi Kuchanur 4-18
Total views: 261
Arbitrage Opportunity for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the Indian Stock Market - An Empirical Analysis  | 
M. Dharani, P. Natarajan 19-24
Total views: 403
Investment Decisions – Influence of Behavioural Factors  | 
V. Shanmugsundaram, V. Balakrishnan 25-34
Total views: 331
Impact of Demographic Factors on Retail Investors’ Investment Decisions - An Exploratory Study  | 
Arifur Rehman H. Shaikh, Anil B. Kalkundrikar 35-44
Total views: 426
Financial Performance Analysis of Major Ports in India - A Study with Special Reference to Tuticorin Port Trust  | 
T. Rajasekar, S. Aravanan 45-57
Total views: 553