Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 5, Issue 8, August 2011

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Table of Contents


Microfinance and Social Performance in Africa  | 
Nihel Halouani, Younes Boujelbene 3-15
Total views: 221
Profitability of the Central Cooperative Banks in Punjab - A Decomposition Analysis  | 
Balwinder Singh 16-22
Total views: 331
Glittering Facts of Gold  | 
S. Shankari 23-28
Total views: 217
Determinants of Financial Inclusion: A Study of Some Selected Districts of West Bengal, India  | 
Pravat Kumar Kuri, Arindam Laha 29-36
Total views: 583
Sectoral Analysis of e-Banking Industry – An Evolutionary Approach  | 
R. Seranmadevi, M. Latha Natarajan, M. G. Saravanaraj 37-43
Total views: 215
The Product Patent and its Impact on Working Capital Management of Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited  | 
Kajalbaran Jana 44-53
Total views: 226