Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 5, Issue 2, February 2011

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Table of Contents


Recent Financial Crisis and the Role of Foreign Institutional Investors in India – With Reference to NSE  | 
G. Saravanan, Malabika Deo 3-9
Total views: 299
An Empirical Event Study on Possibilities to Earn Superior Risk Adjusted Returns of Selected Stocks by Trading on Earning Announcement  | 
R. Jayaraman, M. S. Ramarathinam, K. N. Ganapathy 10-14
Total views: 329
Effect of Market Conditions, Oversubscription and Market Efficiency on IPO Underpricing  | 
Kanika Gupta 15-23
Total views: 242
Determinants of Dividend Payout Ratios - A Study of the Indian Banking Sector  | 
Saima Rizvi, Sumi Khare 24-31
Total views: 733
Why Things go Wrong in the Performance Appraisal System - An Analysis  | 
Vidya L. Hulkund 32-33
Total views: 213
Modeling S & P CNX Nifty Index Volatility with GARCH Class Volatility Models: Empirical Evidence from India  | 
Vipul Kumar Singh, Naseem Ahmad 34-47
Total views: 312
Micro Finance: A Social Innovator  | 
Radha Gupta 48-52
Total views: 221