Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 4, Issue 5, May 2010

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Table of Contents


Causal Nexus Between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in India  | 
P. Srinivasan 3-9
Total views: 303
FDI in the Era of Globalization: Some Issues  | 
Anchal Singh 10-17
Total views: 242
A Study on Technical Analysis of Equity Shares of Tata Motors for the Period from November 2008 to April 2009  | 
M. Venkatalakshmi, C. M. Sindhu 18-31
Total views: 401
A Study of Efficiency of the Indian Stock Market  | 
Iqbal, Dr. T. Mallikarjunappa 32-38
Total views: 677
Pre and Post Merger Physical Performance of Merged Banks in India - A Select Study  | 
K. Srinivas 39-49
Total views: 296
The Fall of Lehman Brothers: The Recession Way  | 
Kunal Gaurav 50-52
Total views: 317
On the Volatility of S&P CNX NIFTY  | 
Som Sankar Sen 53-57
Total views: 266