Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 9, Issue 12, December 2015

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Table of Contents


Accounting Misdeeds at General Electric  | 
Rajesh Pathak, Geeta, Satish Kumar 7-18
Total views: 1298
An Empirical Assessment of Savings - Growth Nexus in India  | 
Shradha Hitesh Budhedeo 19-40
Total views: 897
The State of Earnings Management in India : An Empirical Analysis  | 
Raghuveer Kaur, Sanachit Mehra, Ashu Khanna 41-50
Total views: 1239
Testing Efficiency in Agricultural Commodity Futures Market in India Using Cointegration and Causality Tests  | 
Shubhendu Vimal 51-60
Total views: 796