Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 10, Issue 7, July 2016

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Table of Contents


Do Chinese Industries Predict the Stock Market Due to Slow Diffusion of Information? Analysis of the Shanghai Stock Exchange  | 
Ajid ur Rehman, Man Wang, Sajal Kabiraj 7-21
Total views: 862
Does Microfinance Training Enhance the Financial Literacy Among Members of Self Help Groups?  | 
N. V. Vijaykumar, Gajendra J. Naidu 22-33
Total views: 867
Risk-Return Performance of Diversified Firms in India  | 
Rishi Manrai 34-47
Total views: 683
A Study of Socio-Demographic and Attitudinal Factors on Consumer Behavior by Individual Investors in the Indian Context  | 
Shalini Gautam, Mitu Matta 48-59
Total views: 634