Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 10, Issue 11, November 2016

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Table of Contents


Access to External Finance and Manufacturing Enterprises’ Profitability in Africa:Evidence from Ethiopia  | 
Ajebush Argaw Shafi, Ajay K. Garg, Mammo Muchie 7-20
Total views: 573
Differences in Stock Price Sensitivity to Accounting Information : Implications for Creative Accounting  | 
M. V. S. Kameshwar Rao, K. Lubza Nihar 21-42
Total views: 638
Growth Measures and Stock Returns  | 
Lalit Arora, Shailendra Kumar, Piyush Verma 43-53
Total views: 616
Disbursement of Credit Under the SGSY Scheme : A Comparison of SHGs’ Swarozgaris and Individual Swarozgaris  | 
Manpreet Arora, Swati Singh 54-63
Total views: 392