Indian Journal of Finance October

Volume 11, Issue 6, June 2017

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Table of Contents


Identifying Structural Breaks in Asset Pricing Behavior in the Indian Context
G. Raghuram, Christopher Erickson 7-20
Total views: 308
Dynamics of Size and Value Factors in Stock Returns : Evidence from India
A. Balakrishnan, Moinak Maiti 21-35
Total views: 2110
Asymmetric Volatility of the Indian Stock Market and Foreign Portfolio Investments : An Empirical Study
Ashish Varughese, Tomy Mathew 36-49
Total views: 238
Evaluating the Impact of Financial Banking Development on Economic Growth : An Empirical Investigation in Sultanate of Oman
Faris Nasif Alshubiri 50-62
Total views: 1200