Indian Journal of Finance October



Q1: Do I have to register separately for websites of Indian Journal of Marketing, Indian Journal of Finance, Arthshastra: Indian Journal of Economics and Research and Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management
A1: No, you can register with one website and use the same userid for other websites.

Q2: I emptied my shopping cart and the added some items to it. I get the message 'Shopping cart is empty'.
A2: Please try one or more of these: refresh your browser, clear cache, logout and login again.

Q3: I did not get confirmation email for my order.
A3: Please check your spam / Junk email folder and add these email ids to safe senders list :

Q4: I could not download the PDF of the paper I had purchased. How can I do this later?
A4: Please login with the userid you had used for purchasing the paper. Search the paper in the search bar at the top of the website. Click on the link of the paper in the search results. Click on download.
Note: You can do this if the paper is available online later.

Q5: Whom should I contact if I face any issues.
A5: Please check the Contact Us page of the website.