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We are happy to announce the launch of our new journal INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN CAPITAL MARKETS, a double blind peer reviewed refereed journal that aims at the dissemination and advancement of research in Capital Markets. The aim of the Journal is to provide a platform to researchers, practitioners, academicians, and professionals associated with the field of Capital Markets. To encourage and promote research across a wide breadth of areas pertaining to Capital Markets, the Indian Journal of Research in Capital Markets invites submissions of original, empirical, and theoretical papers as well as case studies and book reviews covering diverse areas of Capital Markets that are listed below:

• Analysis and design of trading mechanisms ;
• Behaviour of asset prices in financial sectors ;
• Capital, security, and derivatives markets ; securities and derivatives trading and pricing (stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities) ;
• Corporate governance ;
• Corporate restructuring: Share buybacks, delisting, mergers, and acquisitions ;
• Credit markets and leverage buy outs ;
• Dividends, bonus, and rights issues and rates of return;
• Global integration of Indian capital markets- IDRs, Sponsored ADRs/GDRs, etc.
• Investment and portfolio management ;
• Market efficiency ;
• Market mechanisms ;
• Market micro structure ;
• New issues market and merchant banking;
• Normative theory of financial management ;
• Optimal order placement strategies ;
• Performance and regulations of mutual funds ;
• Private placements: preferential issues, qualified institutions placements ;
• PSU disinvestment ;
• Real estate investment trusts ;
• Securities and Exchange Board of India: rules and regulations ;
• SME issues ;
• The role of information in securities market ;
• Theories of market equilibrium ;
• Valuation of bonds, convertible debentures, and market for debt;
• Valuation of financial and real assets ;
• Valuation of stocks and functioning of the stock markets ;
• Valuation, trading, hedging, investing, and pricing issues in global stock, bond, commodity, currency, and derivative markets. It also welcomes studies of market theory, regulation, and investment management ;
• Value investing ;

We firmly believe that your contribution will enrich the academic, intellectual content of the journal, along with opening up of new vistas of research. Please email yours papers to: