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Guidelines & FAQs for Authors

Dear Author,

Submissions are now OPEN. Please only use the 'Submit An Article Online' page to make submissions. The review process will take 8 - 10 months. Authors please note that it will not be possible for us to process and review the submissions in a short span of time. In addition, please read the Guidelines for Authors and FAQs for Authors carefully before making a submission. Thanks for your interest in our journal.

Team IJF

Guidelines for Authors

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Dear Author,

For your convenience, we are posting this section on FAQs regarding the Guidelines for Authors. All these details are already mentioned in the Guidelines for Authors. However, we are posting some important points here for your reference. All authors/readers are requested to read all the below points carefully :

FAQ Number 1) Where is Indian Journal of Finance Indexed? Is it a Scopus Indexed Journal?

Answer to FAQ Number 1)Indian Journal of Finance is a monthly journal published from New Delhi, India. Yes, it is indexed in Elsevier's Scopus since 2013. The ISSN Number is : 0973-8703. IJM is also indexed in other International and National databases. To see the complete details, please click the Indexing/Abstracting link

FAQ Number 2) What Topics are covered in Indian Journal of Finance?

Answer to FAQ Number 2)All topics related to Finance Research/Statistics, Advertising, Sales Management, Consumer Behavior, Communication, Direct Finance, Retailing, E-Commerce, Global Business, Finance Theory and Applications, etc are covered in Indian Journal of Finance. Authors should try and send papers on new topics that have not been previously covered in Indian Journal of Finance and topics that are not well-researched with reference to India so as to widen the scope and reach of the journal. Please note that topics related to Management will be covered in our journal : Prabandhan : Indian Journal of Management.Topics related to Finance will be covered in Indian Journal of Finance ; Economics topics will be covered in Arthshastra Indian Journal of Economics & Research

FAQ Number 3) Do we consider Case studies/Review Papers?

Answer to FAQ Number 3)Yes, we consider review papers and case studies.

FAQ Number 4) How to Submit a paper for review in Indian Journal of Finance?

Answer to FAQ Number 4) WE WILL NOT ACCEPT HARD COPIES OF THE PAPERS. Please make optimum use of our online portal and click on 'Submit An Article Online' [See Left side Panel of the website, For Authors section] to submit your paper online. The paper has to be submitted in MS-Word format only. There is no charge for submitting papers for blind review. PLEASE DO NOT USE ONLINE JOURNAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (OJMS) TO MAKE THE SUBMISSIONS OF PAPERS. SUBMIT THE PAPERS ONLY BY USING THE LINK :

FAQ Number 5) How much time does it take review and what are the details of manuscript specification and style guide? Please explain your review process briefly.

Answer to FAQ Number 5) Due to a huge load of submissions, the review process takes between 3- 10 months. We follow the APA Style Guide (Style Guide of the American Psychological Association). Authors please note that we cannot review papers within 2 days, 5 days, 7 days, or 10 days. Authors looking to publish their manuscripts within 5-15 days of submission MAY PLEASE NOT consider Indian Journal of Finance for their research interests.

It is mandatory to mention a valid email address with content submitted online. The papers after submissions will undergo Desk Review to judge their suitability. The papers that clear the Desk Review will be issued an article id. We will acknowledge the receipt of your paper by email and an article id will be issued to the corresponding author. The author(s) should keep in mind that it would be mandatory to cite this id while sending a query about the paper submitted online. Two or more referees review all contributions that have cleared the desk review by following the double blind system - that is, with the author's name and credentials deleted, so that the reviewers don't know who is authoring the work.

FAQ Number 6) Is Indian Journal of Finance a Paid Journal? Do we charge a processing fee? Why do we charge a processing fee?

Answer to FAQ Number 6)This is to inform you that Indian Journal of Finance charges a processing fee of र 4500 per paper (PER PAPER AND NOT PER AUTHOR. One paper can have between 1-3 authors. This clause is applicable only AFTER a paper is accepted for publication). The processing fee for International authors is USD 175 ( to be paid by any ONE AUTHOR).

The print copies of the journal are sent to the address provided by the author after making the payment of the processing fee.

Please Note : We are not a paid journal, as in, we do not publish papers in exchange of a mere fee. Papers that are accepted for publication after undergoing a stringent double blind peer review process and after all corrections/changes have been made by the authors are shortlisted for publication. After acceptance of a paper, the authors have to pay the processing fee charges. However, since we are a private organization and are not supported by any patrons/advertisement revenue, our model of raising funds for running our journals comes from subscription revenue and processing fee. The processing fee charges cover the following cost :

(1) Scanning the paper for plagiarism check using software licensed from USA (we have to pay in Dollars).

(2) Charges of converting the paper from MS-Word into pre-press file (Corel Draw or In-Design format).

(3) Cost of printed copies (each author receives 5 copies). Cost of 1 printed copy is र 350. Each author is entitled to receive 5 printed copies that carries the published paper. Usually, there are 2-3 authors per paper, and as you can calculate, we dispatch between 10-15 copies per paper, which is at a very subsidized rate.

(4) Cost of Dispatching the copies by Speed or Registered Post using India Post.

(5) Cost of issuing DOIs for the paper.

(6) Maintaining the Digital Archive of the paper on our website, which is being managed by a third party vendor.

There are other costs that are involved, which are not charged from the authors.

FAQ Number 7) Are we a Print Journal or an Online Journal? Do we provide print copies of the journal after a paper is published,

Answer to FAQ Number 7)Yes, we are a Print Journal. Yes, all authors will receive at least three copies of the issue in which their paper is published. Yes, we provide the print copies to all authors of a paper that is published in Indian Journal of Finance and not only to the Corresponding Author.

All other details are mentioned in the Guidelines for Authors. Please read the FAQs and Guidelines for Authors carefully before making a submission. If you have read and understood the FAQs and the Guidelines for Authors and agree with the Terms and Conditions, please click here to make your Submission : Submit an Article Online

The Editorial Team
Indian Journal of Finance